WordCamp Sheffield has sold out!

Last week WordCamp Sheffield sold it’s 100th conference ticket – that brings us to:

  • 100 conference attendees
  • 18 speaker passes
  • 20 volunteers/helper tickets

That’s almost 140 people and our venue can hold a comfortable 150 – max (room 2 only has space for around 95).

WordCamp Sheffield t-shirt design

WordCamp Sheffield t-shirt design

Will we release more tickets?

As yet I just don’t know sorry – if you missed out stay tuned, we are checking with our sponsors to see if they are using their full allocation of tickets and with the venue to see if we can fit any more chairs in the main hall.

Stay tuned

Keep following the twitter #wcsheff hashtag and follow @wpsheff and my twitter @mkjones for the latest updates.

Want your WordPress fix but can’t wait until the conference??

Don’t miss the next WordPress Sheffield meet-up which has food, drinks, talks and is on the 8th of April at 7pm at Harrisons 1854 – which coincidentally is the after-party venue for the conference :)

WonderThemes closed just over a year ago

It was July 2012 when I first proposed the idea of closing down WonderThemes…

I spent the next year weighing up the options and looking at alternatives until finally the day came to say enough was enough and move on.


What now?

If you visit wonderthemes.com now it re-directs to a dead link on my website – this is kind of sad when I consider the years of work I put into this project. But I now see that leaving WonderThemes behind was the best thing I could do as it allowed me to move on and do new things.

What I’m doing now

I early 2012 I did something I’d wanted to do for a long time – organise a web conference. The Digital Barn was an experiment, it was a local event in a town which has little in the way of digital economy (Barnsley, my home town) but it worked, it worked really, really well. I ran the event with one of my old friends Matt Watson who is a seasoned web developer and like me had worked in the public sector for almost all of his professional career.

Events lead to new outlooks

Since the first Digital Barn I’ve had a new outlook on my business endeavours. When you run these types of events you meet a lot of great people, people who run their own businesses and people just like you. Not smarter, better or luckier than you, just with a better understanding of what they want.

Want to change your outlook on the web/digital industry? Go to an event!

Want to change your outlook on the web/digital industry? Go to an event!

So, the year after the first Digital Barn we ran a follow-up (Matt and I) and in the closing remarks Matt and I announced Make Do, a new company that we would build together and try to do great things with.

Make Do

Since then Make Do has morphed into a WordPress (obviously) design & development agency. We still run events through Make Do as well (our next Digital Barn is this year) and the types of events and size is growing fast. We also helped to organise WordCamp Sheffield as a quasi-Make Do event – it will be the first WordCamp in the area and is happening April 26th.


Do I miss WonderThemes?

Who couldn't miss this little superhero?

Who couldn’t miss this little superhero?

Yes and no – I wonder if I’d made a real go at it would I be happy? I now think that the romantic idea of running a marketplace is far from the cumbersome reality. I would probably spend my days picking holes in peoples markup, sending out refunds and worrying if my customers were going to all jump ship to ThemeForest if they updated their terms to match the ones on WonderThemes (hasn’t happened yet).

WonderThemes is gone but without it I’d have never have tried and failed which is worth more than the time, effort or money I put into the project.

Saying farewell to my first web agency project

My first 'web business' was called 'base6 Design Limited' – I founded it just over 5 years ago as a way to make my freelance work more 'official'.

the old base6 Design website from 2009

the old base6 Design website from 2009

It worked out pretty well and I had some really great clients all over the world but today base6 is no more, it's become part of my new venture Make Do.

The new combined agency/events Make Do website

The new combined agency/events Make Do website

People that know me will know that Make Do has actually been going for over a year now. We (Matt and I) announced it's formation at the closing remarks of The Digital Barn 2 as a company that we would put all of our events through. Not long after we decided it should be more than that and at the end of last year we merged all of our assets and projects (events, products, agencies, clients) into a single entity: Make Do.

An agency, with a bit more…

At the heart of Make Do (read, where the money comes from) is the design & development Agency. We provide Practical WordPress design & development solutions and are using our background and experience in the public sector (NHS and Local Gov) to help big clients adopt and expand WordPress for their needs.

The rest of the Make Do business is mostly the events that we run like The Digital Barn, our Hack Day and the new Front End North conference. You can read more about these on the website and for me personally this is a great because it allows me to do the two things that I love, make websites and run events, all under one roof.

You say hello

And so, goodbye base6 Design, my sweet little friend. It was a good run but I've moved onto bigger and better things.

WordPress Sheffield April meetup = BIG fun

We (Make Do) have teamed up with Campaign Monitor to make the next WordPress Sheffield meetup BIGGER and BETTER than the standard gatherings.


Sounds good right? Then sign up on Lanyard now!

The event will be at our new venue 'Harrisons 1854'

The event will be at our new venue ‘Harrisons 1854′

Come along on Tuesday 8th April:

Harrisons 1854,
15/29 Regent Terrace,
Sheffield, S3 7QA
(just off West Street/Glossop Road, behind Sinclair’s).

What’s happening?

On the night there will be:

  • Free food / drinks
  • Talks from WordPress pro’s
  • An open Q&A
  • A chance to influence the WordCamp Sheffield Contributor Day
  • …. a lot more!

Don’t forget WordCamp Sheffield!

WordCamp Sheffield is almost sold out!

WordCamp Sheffield is almost sold out!

WordCamp Sheffield is only a few weeks away and at last count there were only around 15 tickets left! So don’t miss out, get your ticket now!