WordPress Sheffield Hack Day, who’s going?

The first-ever WordPress Sheffield Hack-Day is Saturday August 15th at the Showroom, Sheffield,

There are still a few tickets left – you can get a £20 hacker ticket (includes food/drinks etc) or just show up with the FREE visitor ticket and join in the fun!

Hackers attending include…

You should join us….

We’ve got 10 free visitor tickets left. These are perfect for anyone who:

  • Can’t make the entire day
  • Fancy contributing an idea but not doing any actual hacking
  • Would like to drop-in and see what it’s all about

Why are we doing this?

It’s been 5 years since WordPress Sheffield opened its doors and to celebrate we’re getting together for an exciting WordPress Hack Day event

The event is open to anyone with WordPress & web development experience.

The answer to “Should designers learn to code?”


…you don’t need to be a Ruby dev. Learning to code is a much bigger discussion than this, but you should at least understand enough HTML to make a change to a webpage. If I bump into a student carrying a portfolio of chalk drawings and they ask, should I learn to code, I’ll reply yes. If nothing else they will be able put those chalk drawings on the internet

Via The GDS Design Notes Blog


WordPress Sheffield Hack Day event – Saturday August 15th 2015

Well. It’s been 5 years since WordPress Sheffield opened it’s doors and to celebrate we’re getting together for an exciting WordPress Hack Day event.

The basics are:

  • This will be a 12-hour hack day
  • Tickets are £10
  • We have room for about 50 people, so book your space fast!
  • All hacks/builds are welcome but they must be WordPress-related
  • You can show up in a pre-made team or join a team on the day
  • This is an event primarily for developers and designers but anyone can come along and join in
  • More info is on the WordPress Sheffield website: wpsheffield.com

I also plan to post an update here when I have a better handle on things. Questions? Get me on Twitter @mkjones.

Uber is finally in Sheffield! – A review of my first Uber

tl;dr… Sheffield finally has Uber and it’s awesome. Use promo code ‘kimbj’ to get £10 off your first ride.

Last week I took my first Uber ride in Sheffield. It was a  16 mile trip that took 35 minutes.

It was 5 minutes to book and cost £8.91 (after a £15 promo discount).

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 09.37.21

In Sheffield? The HELLOSHEFFIELD15 promo code may still work for you!

Classically booking taxi rides home from Sheffield to my home town of Barnsley is always a pain. you either have to pre-book and pay up front (in cash at the local taxi rank). Or you have to jump in a black-cab and pay almost double the standard fee.

To make things worse these taxi’s are often unreliable and late with many firms only just getting new technology such as SMS verification to tell you when they are nearby.

Compared to this Uber is a breath of fresh air – you can use their App to view any nearby cabs in real-time on a map, get an instant fare estimate and off you go. Best of all you don’t need any cash as the transaction is covered by a credit card attached to your Uber account.

Why riding Uber in Sheffield was awesome…

  1. No annoying in-car radio whizzing on/off (“can anyone pick up Julie from Hillsborough in 15 minutes *bzzzt* ?”)
  2. Pick your own music in the cab by syncing your Spotify (Foo Fighters thank you very much)
  3. Cheaper and less hassle to book (even without discounts my ride was around £5 cheaper than pre-booking)
  4. You don’t need cash on you, it’s all covered via credit card (no more scurrying to a cash machine at 2am)
  5. You can earn free rides and gather promo codes to get money off (always plenty of these about in new cities, look for posters/flyers in bars etc…)

Finally, the driver had chocolate:

Need I say more? If you’re in Sheffield and need to get around then get the Uber app and use my promo code ‘kimbj’ to get £10 off your first ride.